CEDER Merindades (Merindades Rural Development Center, from the Spanish acronym) is an association formed by 27 of the region’s city governments and 53 associations from Las Merindades that represents many different areas: cultural, environmental, economic, social, women’s, and tourism. This association, which operates in the northern third of Burgos Province, was founded in 1991 with the goal of promoting Las Merindades’ internal resources, economic activity, heritage and culture, in order to improve quality of life for the inhabitants of this magnificent rural setting.

Since its creation, CEDER Merindades has worked intensively for economic and social development in the region through the implementation of Rural Development Community Initiatives such as LEADER I, LEADER II and LEADER PLUS, and the NOW and ACCEDEM Job Programmes. Currently, the association is working to manage different development projects and the LEADERCAL Programme. It also collaborates with different administrative bodies on all projects that could positively affect the region’s development and economic activity.

Primary objectives

By virtue of its Statutes, the association’s objectives are:

  • To make Administrations at the Local, Regional and Federal levels of government, as well as European Community Institutions, aware of the goal of maximising the exploitation of the region’s internal resources for its harmonious and overall development.
  • To serve its members as a nucleus for receiving and distributing information related to the field of Local and Regional Development, with this task being focused on the knowledge of the Funding, Resources and Projects that exist at any given point in time and that can be used or carried out by the Association or its members.
  • To provide its members with a possible channel through which they can exchange experiences and intervention methodologies in the field of Local and Regional Development.
  • To participate in the Leader Community Initiative and in any other real initiative for the region’s harmonious and overall development, as well as any other initiative that aims to extend to the Region’s Tourism Development.

Geographical Area