Presentation Routes


The proposed routes are an attempt to lure the general public so that all might enjoy nature through a different type of tourism such as ornithology. With this end, some regional and county trails have been designed in some of the most representative areas from an ornithological stand point.


These routes are intended to be done on foot or by bicycle, and they go through some of the most amazing environments, especially known for their rich birdlife and exquisite landscapes.


These routes have been designed to be done by car with some designated stops to personally discover the ornithological gems and amazing scenery which these places possess. There are 15 possible weekend routes and 5 which take the entire week. In these, the places of interest are established as well as the most emblematic birds in each area, and a specific itinerary is proposed for each day. 


We greatly appreciate the support we received on behalf of all people who disinterestedly, only thanks to their love of their land and country and in order to preserve their natural environment, have contributed to the realization of this project, permitting us to carry it out in the utmost conditions: Roberto Cuadrado Martínez, Juan Luis Hernández, José Alfredo Hernández Rodríguez, Santiago Domínguez, Benigno López, Luciano Burgos, Adolfo Álvarez de Castro, Alberto Gállego, Eva Juarros, Josu, José Miguel Martínez Postigo, Ordoño Llamas de Juan, Juan Antonio Casado Coco, Luis del CTR El Molino, Guzmán Gutiérrez, Jose Luis Diez, Antonio del Blanco, Luis Antonio Alonso Martínez, Antonio De La Fuente, Rubén Martínez Barbáchano, Juan Pertejo Rozas.

We would also like to express our appreciation to the Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica (CNIG del Ministerio de Fomento for their collaboration in having let us use their National Topographic Maps 1:25.000.